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Public Services

Satya Anubhav Foundation is committed to public service, striving to address community needs through various initiatives aimed at improving lives and fostering positive change.

Health Awareness

Satya Anubhav Foundation promotes health awareness through educational campaigns and initiatives aimed at empowering individuals with knowledge and resources for better health and well-being in communities.


Satya Anubhav Foundation fosters employment opportunities through skill development programs and job placement initiatives, empowering individuals to achieve economic independence and contribute positively to society.

Social Unity

Satya Anubhav Foundation promotes social unity through community-building activities and programs that foster understanding, cooperation, and harmony among diverse groups, strengthening the fabric of society.

Establishment of small-scale industries

Satya Anubhav Foundation supports the establishment of small-scale industries in every village, and providing training, fostering economic growth, job creation, and self-sufficiency, thereby empowering local communities and promoting sustainable development.